Saturday, November 11, 2006

My fucked up ticker

The words on my ticker are black so they don't show up. Ticker fact*ry doesn't offer any options but I can't find a "walking on eggshells" until the end of the first trimester ticker anywhere else. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is there a way to change the blog template or the ticker html code so the letters will show up? Seems like a tall order but then again a man has walked on the moon.


Blogger vee said...

I feel bad for wanting to chek in here and check out again silently, cos I know you crave the comment ;-P - don't we all, but I have no idea how to fix your ticker and even less about how men got to the moon.

I'm just glad it wasn't the "ticker" I initially thought it was is fucked up!!

Glad you got ESP off your chest too. I hate it when people come back with bleating excuss like that and turn in around. But she's never really going to hear what you are saying to her. I think you did a brave thing and I hope it will be enough so that you can at least feel more comfortable around her from now on.

I think you too a serious chunk of power back from her and you should be pleased with yourself.

11:34 AM  
Blogger hd said...

On the blogger control panel under template, you can change the body background color by using HTML codes. I don't actually KNOW the html codes (they are 6 digit letter/number combinations) but you can do a google search and find several listings of them. Anywhere you see a # followed by 6 letters/numbers on your template, you can plug in new letters/numbers and alter your colors. Hope this helps! Still hoping highest hopes for you!

11:38 AM  

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