Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still waiting

11 am came and went. Last night, the GC said she would call the lab for the results at 11 am and call me no matter what. It's after 12. She's killin' me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will you be ringing her cellphone again?...selfishly asked I know and updating us....the suspense is killing ALL of us...good wishes.


12:20 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

I'd call the GC. Well, more specifically, I would call the GC with a lot of attitude. This is why it is good that I have a sane and patient girlfriend who can make such calls for me. GC said she would call by 11 so you are very much entitled. I hate being strung along like that. I am angry for you. If you say 11, it better be 11, when we are talking about something as anxiety-riddled as this. You shoudln't be put through this.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me her number, I will gladly call her and explain the sheer rudeness of her actions in no uncertain terms.

12:46 PM  

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